No Troubles Just Bubbles - Free For All Liveaboard Guests

Free T-Shirts For All Our Liveaboard Guests

All our liveaboard guests get a free No Troubles Just Bubbles scuba diver T-shirt and wristband. Plus they also get a choice between a No Troubles Just Bubbles drybag or No Troubles Just Bubbles beach towel. If you are looking for dive t-shirts size please take a look below. Some of our guests have taken photos of No Troubles Just Bubbles and we have added them here on No Troubles Just Bubbles around the world page.

Free t shirt front
Free t shirt back
Free dive no troubles just bubbles wristband
NOW! Get A FREE Drybag Or Beach Towel!

get a free no troubles just bubbles drybag or beach towel

All our liveaboard customers now have the opportunity to get a FREE No Troubles Just Bubbles drybag or beach towel.
*Please note that the beach towels are made of thin material, not thick and fluffy like you would use at home. They quickly become dry and can be easily packed in luggage so they are perfect for travelling. They are excellent for lying on at the beach or on the boat's sundeck as they are a large size.
Most divers will be familiar with drybags, they are waterproof and there are two different sizes to choose from.

All you have to do is login and follow 4 simple steps that should take less than 1 minute.

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  • Step 1 - Login at the top of this page
  • Step 2 - Click to access your diver details
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  • Step 4 - Choose your FREE item and save

More about the FREE T-shirts

We are proud to offer a free No Troubles, Just Bubbles t-shirt & wristband to each of our liveaboard guests, including non-divers. On this page, you can see our model wearing one, and on our testimonials page, there are dozens of our happy guests wearing them around the world. We are always delighted to receive new pictures of our guests wearing No Troubles, Just Bubbles t-shirts.

Styles & Sizes: Our t-shirts are high-quality, and do not shrink in normal laundry washing. The shapes are ‘standard’ & ‘unisex.’ Please note that we do not have t-shirts with longer bodies or in women’s shaped designs. We also do not have different sizes for males & females. The available sizes are S, M, L, XL, & XXL. We appreciate that these letters mean different things in different continents, such as North America, Europe and Asia. We feel that our t-shirt sizes are best described as European in size. Please look at the chart for how to choose your perfect size.

How to Get Your T-Shirt: Where in the world you live & which boat your dive from will help to determine how you receive your free t-shirt. Ideally, we like to send it to the dive centre and have it waiting for you on the boat, but sometimes guests collect them from a pre-arranged location, and we can also Air Mail them directly to your home or office.


S 1m 56cm 44kg
S 1m 57cm 51kg
M 1m 68cm 53kg
M 1m 76cm 59kg
L 1m 78cm 81kg
L 1m 76cm 90kg
XL 1m 83cm 87kg
XXL 1m 92cm 91kg


Black front
Black back
White front
White back
Sleeveless front
Sleeveless back
  • All sizes are 'unisex,' which means one style for guys and girls.
  • They are European sizes, meaning that they're larger than Asian sizes, but smaller than North American sizes.
  • In general, if your weight is 65-70kg, a medium is a good (slightly loose) fit for you.
  • Regular with sleeves available in black or white.
  • Sleeveless available in black.


T-Shirt Sizes
Size Shoulders Chest Length Picture click to enlarge
Small  42 cm 48 cm 63 cm Free t shirt sizes
Medium 47 cm 54 cm 72 cm
Large 50 cm 56 cm 72 cm
X Large 53 cm 58 cm 75 cm
XX Large (not available sleeveless) 56cm 63cm 78 cm


T-Shirt Size Loose / Baggy / Comfortable Tight-Fitting (to show your shape)
S 55kg 60kg
M 50-60kg 65-70kg
L 70-80kg 85kg
XL 80-90kg 95kg
XXL (not available sleeveless) 90kg 110kg
Free Scuba Diver!
T-shirt & wrist band
+ Drybag or Beach towel