Lembeh Liveboard Diving

Location: Indonesia Indonesia

Lembeh is one of the northernmost islands on Indonesia. It is located just 500km south of The Philippines, at the tip of North Sulawesi. Lembeh itself is a small island, just 12km in length, but most of the famous ‘Lembeh diving’ takes place in the surrounding seas. This can be done by day trip diving boat, and more leisurely by liveaboard cruise. The Lembeh Straits are often referred to as the Mecca for underwater macro photography, mainly due to the wonderfully-diverse marine life, including tiny fish and invertebrates which don’t live anywhere else in the world. These include a wide range of species of seahorses and nudibranchs. In addition, Wonderpus (Wonderpus photgenicus), Flambouyant Cuttlefish (Metasepia Pfefferi), Blue Ringed Octopus (Hapalochlaena), Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus) and Hairy Frogfish are just a few of the amazing species that can be found at Lembeh Strait. Many more special species call Lembeh Strait home, and at the moment there are not many divers filling up the sea and scaring off its wonderful creatures.


Conditions at Lembeh

5 - 30 metres
16.4 - 98.4 ft
27.4 - 30.7 °C
81.3 - 87.3 °F
Gentle Current
10 - 25 metres
32.8 - 82 ft
Usually calm

When to dive at Lembeh

The best times are October to December

Type of dive site

Muck diving, reef diving

Where is Lembeh?

How to get to Lembeh

Manado is the nearest airport to Lembeh, and has several flights landing every day. Due to there being several domestic airlines, competition has brought the prices down. The airport is 20km from Bitung, the nearest port to Lembeh Island.

Who can dive at Lembeh

All levels. Beginner to advanced

Free Scuba Diver!
T-shirt & wrist band
+ Drybag or Beach towel
all liveaboard guests
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