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This is probably The Red Sea’s most-famous single dive site. It’s famous for the huge amount and great diversity of marine life that divers can encounter there. The reef is made up of several plateaus that drop down towards the north and south to 60 metres or more. On the east & west sides of the dive site, there are vertical walls (drop-offs) that are covered in hard & soft corals and teeming with marine life. This is the main and best place in The Red Sea to dive with several species of sharks, including the Oceanic Whitetip Shark (Carcharhinus longimanus). You might think that to encounter pelagics like this and such an unspoilt reef that the dive site is in the middle of nowhere. Actually, it’s located just 12km. from the coast, and it’s even reachable by some day trip diving boats from Marsa Alam area.

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